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Friday, September 29, 2017

Summer Southern Tour

So after graduation Butch spent the summer with us in Vermont. It was wonderful having him here, but at the end of summer we had to take him back. 😭 We decided to have a family vacation as well as going to the Lane Family Reunion. Luckily Bubba was transferring to Vermont so he also had time off to go with us. So I set off with the younglings in the van with me and Butch was driving in his car by himself (Joe decided to bypass the extra time to go to Tennessee). It was a long journey, but we dropped his car and stuff off in Tennessee, picked up Bubba and headed to South Carolina and North Carolina for the reunion and beach respectively. After a fun time seeing family and hanging out at the beach all week. Then Joe headed back home by himself while the kids and I went back to Tennessee. We dropped off Butch, finished packing Bubba's stuff and then Bubba in his Exploder and me and the younglings in the van made the trip back to Vermont! Whew! What a long two weeks!!
 We stayed at the Hotel Florence in Florence, SC before the reunion.

 Lane Family Reunion

 Ebenezer Southern Methodist Church in Marion, SC

 Beautiful sunset on Holden Beach, NC

 After a traditional dinner at Dockside Restaurant in Calabash we 
headed over to Calabash Creamery for dessert!

 Headed to the beach prepared for serious digging!

We were one week early for this sea turtle nest.
I was hoping to see some baby sea turtles!

 We found lots of great shells on our beach walks

We went to Oak Island to see the Oak Island Lighthouse. We walked to the end of the
island to see Old Baldy Lighthouse which is the oldest standing lighthouse.

Another trip to Dockside and a picture of all the kids on the dock

 After Dockside we usually head to Sunset Beach, NC to play before heading back to Calabash Creamery to get ice cream. Here's momma and her big boys! 💗

 On our walk together Fox found a bigger shell with several smaller ones inside. 
He carried it around and said they were his "buddies"!

Bear relaxing at GrandDad and Grandmama's before we came back home.

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