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Monday, April 04, 2016

Snow Days

We did have a few snow days this year. It was late Jan before we had the first one. Here are a few shots:

Jan 20,2016

Jan 20,2016

Jan 20,2016

Feb 12, 2016

Saturday, April 02, 2016

After Thanksgiving Day Hike

So we did an after Thanksgiving day hike on Saturday with the Grands. We went on the Old Sugarlands Trail up to the Stone House and then we ate lunch by the stream.

Thanksgiving Hike

So we did Thanksgiving a little differently in 2015. We decided to gather on Friday for our Francis Thanksgiving meal. So that meant no pre-Thanksgiving soup night and our after Thanksgiving hike was on Saturday. Since we were not gathering on Thanksgiving day we decided to go hiking as a family (turns out the Grands went hiking, too). Joe to us to the Devils Racetrack. Unfortunately we did not have the backpack carrier for Fox and this was not as easy of a hike as we were lead to believe, but it was still a good time. So first I will share our Thanksgiving day hike.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Zoo field trip

So in October 2015 we went on a field trip for Otter's school. It was a trip to the Chattanooga Zoo. I first have to say that despite the small size of the zoo it is a cramp-packed and well-maintained zoo! I was very impressed! 

We got to meet one of Otter's new teachers, Mrs Bible

Bear, Grandmama, Fox and Otter

Fox looking at the jaguars

Otter was so excited to see one of her favorite animals (Fennec Fox)

Snakes and frogs together

Grandmama took Otter and Bear to the petting area

A little snack

A first camel ride for Otter and Bear

Fox decided he wanted to ride, too, so he 
and I also had our first camel ride

Waynesville Trip Part 2

I have been remiss in posting the flora, fauna and fungus from our Waynesville trip. So without further ado here they are:

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Family in Waynesville, NC

Our family recently took a trip to Wanyesville, NC. It was the whole family! Joe's parents, siblings and their families and our "young" family. Our older two boys had college/school and a football game so they could not join us.

We all stayed in this large house together and we shared the cooking. The kids all loved spending time together, too. We went hiking at Cataloochee two days.

The first day we were on the Rough Fork Trail to the Woody house. The little ones enjoyed seeing and exploring around the house.

When we came back to the parking area the group saw and heard the elk! We also saw lots of turkeys.  I will share some floral, fauna and fungi pictures in a later post.

We stopped at a two-room school house (Beech Grove School) where Aunt Em gave a little class for the family. We had planned to stop at Palmer Chapel to have a little service, but there were signs asking to stay out of the fields because of the elk. Instead we went down to a little area where there was a creek the kids could play in. The second hiking trip was the Flat Creek Trail.

There were several creek crossings and it was a little longer than the first hike. Uncle Wesley got some of the boys to go hide and jump out to "shoot people" along part of the way. His oldest son was determined that he could hike all by himself and did not need to be carried.

Luckily he let us carry him so he could "fly" over creek crossings. Little C kind of started lagging behind and at one point Grandmomma and I stopped with her so she could rest.

After we finished the hike we went to Mile High Overlook to eat some food.

Then we all headed back home. It was an enjoyable trip and the kids were exhausted when we got home!